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“He who aims at nothing, will most likely hit it”



Too Easy – Slow Cooker Shredded BBQ Chicken

I like food.

What I don’t like, is being solely responsible for the making of food that every member of my family will actually eat.

The thinking ahead, the planning, the going to the store, recipes with a million ingredients, being told “Yuck!” when revealing what’s being made for dinner (I get SO personally offended), the arguing and fighting over eating, and …the freaking clean up.

Do you get where I’m coming from?

It’s a bunch of Bull Shit!

So, when I find a recipe that is super freaking easy, has minimal ingredients, AND the kids ate it; I feel like I’ve struck gold! And today I’m feeling generous, so I want to share my gold with you <3

I don’t have any pictures for you (I didn’t find it all that pretty), I’m sorry. But it’s pretty easy to imagine.

Also, I served the chicken on buns and then served baked potatoes with shredded cheese and butter.


Slow Cooker Shredded BBQ Chicken

Prep Time – 10 Mins       Cook Time – 4 Hrs on High, 6-8 Hrs on Low


  • 3 Boneless Chicken Breasts, cut in half
  • 1 12 oz bottle BBQ Sauce
  • ½ cup Italian Dressing
  • ¼ cup Brown Sugar
  • 2 Tbs Worcestershire Sauce


  1. Place frozen chicken in slow cooker
  2. In a bowl, mix all other ingredients and pour over chicken
  3. Cover, cook 3-4 hours on High or 6-8 hours on Low

There you have it! So easy, so good.

I found this recipe on, if you like, you can find it here.

Also, am I the only one who had to google how to make a baked potato?

Till next time!


The newest baby girl in the house, almost 4 weeks old <3


Wherever Has My Mind Gone?

Hey friends!


I feel like after such a  long absence, maybe I should say a little bit about what I’ve been up to this whole time. Maybe it’s not super important, and maybe nobody really is too concerned, but I just wanted to share.


I don’t want to waste a lot of time with this, so I’m gonna break it down really short and sweet :)


Since last summer I…


  • had recently gotten pregnant
  • landed an aMAZING job as the Assistant Manager at my favorite local thrift store, which is also a Food Shelf and is operated by the Indianhead Community Action Agency. I have complete creative freedom and operating authority over the retail operations of the store. Even better, every day when I go to work, I’m in a position to help people in my community through donations of food, household items, clothing, supportive Veterans Services and so much more. The only paid employees of the store are me and my boss (who is so seriously an older version of me, she is so great, we make a crazy good team) so the rest of our manpower depends on our generous volunteers and  community service workers. Not only is this job the perfect fit for me, mentally it is SO great for me too. I get out of the house 5 days a week, have a reason to get dressed, have a normal every day person routine, adult conversations all the time- so needed. My social anxiety had near disappeared I swear. Can I say it again? I love my job. BUTT – learning to adjust to working 5 days a week pretty much all together put my creative endeavors on the back burner; by the time we all get home, my brain can’t make space for it. Besides, I don’t think my family would allow it either :)
  • had a baby! So now I’m home on maternity leave, for a few more weeks at least. I miss my job and just know it’s going to be a complete disaster when I get back, but of course I’m still apprehensive to go back just yet. Additionally, it seems being shut up in my house with the brand new baby, sub zero temps, and not (until very recently) having a vehicle to even accomadate all my kids if I did attempt to go out, has made me feel like a mental shut in already. I’m so freaked about going out with the new baby. I was like that with all my kids though. Babies crying in public places makes my heart race and my body temperature rise in a second; I get super panicky, so I try to avoid those situations at all costs.
  • have had a lot of time to think and readjust my style of parenting and how I feel about being a mom. One of the biggest decisions I feel I’ve made in the last year has been to really dedicate myself to my children. I firmly believe that as a parent, it is my job to make sure that my children are an asset to society, not a detriment. I need my children to bring smiles and positivity to the people they come  into contact every day, not sadness and anger. I don’t want my offspring to bring negativity into the world, so I need to give them the tools they need to make that possible. Parenting is such a scary place so much of the time.


I think that about covers it.


I’ve also had a chance to think about the refocus of this blog. I’m just going to jump in with whatever feels good and right at the time. Please forgive me if I get out of control and it becomes difficult to follow along haha!


Right now I’ve got this genius idea.


Since I can’t have creative stuff like sewing supplies, or crochet supplies out because my 2 year old will be all over it, and in it, and around it, AH! So, I’m going to get creative in the kitchen-somewhere I HAVE to be anyways, ugh. I’ll get more into my lack of love for cooking later.  Besides, there are some pretty crazy sweet tooths around here, so lots of baked goods seems like a great idea.

On a not so sweet note, meal planning is an adventure that I keep trying but not really starting, so thats another project on my agenda. I know that if I just buckle down and do it, it will be an amazing time AND brain power saver. It’s just the doing that’s the problem, lol!


Hopefully, by getting into blogging again and doing something creative in general will jog something loose in my head, I hope.


By leaving blogging, I left my support :( . I need you guys back in my life!


As an ending note, I thought I would share with you some pics of my many beautiful children <3


Peace Out,



In order by age :)

My not-so-little-anymore-boy, Vincent, holding his newest sister

My devoted little Gemini







Beretta. Look at that face, need I say more?

The newest baby girl in the house, almost 4 weeks old <3


Drowning In Brain Fog

Ok blogging friends, I miss you.


A lot.


Although I’m not sure what to do about it.


“Well blog again, of course!”, you say. Sounds easy enough right?




Where would I even start? My life is pretty much COMPLETELY different from what it was, and I feel like my blogging topics would be different now too…is that ok to change my focus but keep the same blog?


Argh. I need your advice.


I have been in a fog for almost a year now; literally. I can’t focus on shit.


I haven’t crafted or sewn ANYTHING in just as long. Worse than that? I really don’t have the desire too. It seems exhausting to even come up with a project to work on.


Besides the fact that say I did bring out some crocheting or sewing supplies? My 2 and a ½ year old Beretta would never get out of my grill long enough to let me do anything. How would I possibly concentrate a crochet pattern?!


Right now I’m on maternity leave (I just had a baby! yay me!) so I have a lot of time on my hands; but when I go back to work, I’ll have to re-adjust again and figure out a good work/home schedule.


How dumb is it that all of this is blowing my feeble mind?!!!!


I feel like I have become mind-numbingly lazy. Physically and mentally.


Wait-I need to keep this short and sweet because there are just too many aspects of the story to get into right now, I would get so sidetracked. Maybe I should do a wrap up of what’s been going on since I left off, and break it into parts. Maybe nobody really gives a shite either, but I kinda really feel like it will be good for me to hash it out in my brain and then onto “paper”. You know?



The thing is, I want to blog to sort out my mind; but I don’t want to come off as a crafty-type of blog and bore my old readers with my mental dribble and my babbling. Maybe I should  morph into an all around life-in-general blog? Is that too vague?


Any advice? Ideas? Similar experiences?


Lay it on me!


Can’t wait to hear from you, it’s been too long <3


As Always,




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Mother and Son Bonding -er- Crafting

Hey Friends!

I just wanted to pop in for a short post to show you one of my brief lapses of creativity as of late. Having a regular job has really put a cramp in my creative self all together. I’m still trying to find a balance, my brain is in a fog. I use pregnancy as an excuse.   (29 weeks yesterday, it’s going way too quickly :( )

I’m just going to jump straight into it.

About 2 months ago (haha, I said this was something I did lately, oops), my sweet boy came to my house for a visit. He’s into a darker sort of style and asked if we could do some crafting :) He’s 11, almost 12 so crafting with him is a lot easier now than in previous years lol.

He decided to make some steampunk cuffs. I gave him some general guidance and got him started then let him get on with his crafty self.

Here’s his definitely bad-ass results !!.

Long Steampunk Cuff, Complete With Slave Ring

Long Steampunk Cuff, Complete With Slave Ring

The zipper closure

The zipper closure

Small Cuff, Big Gears

Small Cuff, Big Gears

I love huge metal zippers! It was hard to give them up, haha!

I love huge metal zippers! It was hard to give them up, haha!

AWESOME! Super Great Job Vincent!

AWESOME! Super Great Job Vincent!

I really enjoyed watching my son find confidence in crafting. He’s so creative in everything he does (painting, grafitti, music, writing, modification of almost ANYTHING) but connecting with him on my level is even better. :)

Peace out for now friends




My Mind Is Clawing At The Hinges

I did it.

I actually opened my laptop, I actually opened up my WordPress dashboard, and then I actually hit the ‘Add New’ post button. My heart is racing, thumping loudly in my chest.

Now what?

I despise that combination of words.

focus Lacy-

It’s been 50+ days since I last wrote a post, and 50+ days that I even acknowledged that I had a blog… a blog that I loved for that matter.

I abandoned it at the drop of my mental hat, which is a pretty ME thing to do. Lame, I know.

Anyways, I’m gonna try to get back on the horse. Maybe repair my blog-esteem a little.

Also, I want to let my readers and friends know that I am ok, great in fact. I do apologize for leaving shit up in the air all crazy like.

Shit did get bad, but it wasn’t the end of the world and we survived it. (While I was busy having a nervous breakdown about the water getting shut off, the gas got shut off instead. SO, we didn’t have hot water, a stove to cook with, or heat when the weather dropped out of nowhere for 2 months…but we SURVIVED and were way ok.)

In the meantime, I landed my perfect job (Assistant Manager at my favorite local thrift store with FULL CREATIVE FREEDOM). You can’t even imagine how much working has benefitted my mental state, I feel like a whole new person. Though now I need to figure out how to balance a regular work schedule with home and re-instate my creative self.

But that’s OK, I know it can be done and I will be ok!

This is a new me and I have to figure out where I fit in. The last few months have been eye-opening and life-altering and I’m still not sure what direction I’m supposed to steer myself.

But Anywho, I just wanted to say “Heeeeeeeeey Everybody! I’ve missed you, I’m back and I’m super excited to be here!” :)


It’s Time To Force Some Creativity

Meet My Beloved Sewing Machine :)

Meet My Beloved Sewing Machine :)


Hey Friends!!! How in the hell are you?!

I am…well…I’m not quite sure as of late, so I’ve decided to force myself back into creating happiness all around me.

I don’t necessarily want to, but I think if I force it, I will in turn find that I do really want to and I will get back to me quicker.

I hope that makes sense, if not…well try and keep up will you? :)



About a month (probably longer) ago, all of my sewing projects came to a quick halt when I discovered how to read a crochet pattern. Additionally, I was super put off by the fact that I didn’t have the necessary supplies to properly complete the sewing projects I had in mind. I love knits, all kinds. I can’t stand cotton and hate that it’s so much easier to work with than knit. I’d reached an impasse where my abilities and supplies met when wanting to make some knit clothing for my girls and myself: no serger, broke my only twin needle, and no walking foot. Not to mention no money to buy these things even if the stores in this town even HAD what I needed. Can you believe that between 2 craft stores and Wal-Mart that not a single twin-needle could be found? How lame!

So needless to say, I got discouraged, decided that crochet was the way to go for right now and I pushed my sewing machine over and shoved my projects in the corner.

Well…My Mama is a super sweet chick. She knew what was up and decided to be an amazing mama and help a sad seamstress out! She got me all the stuff I needed, I was so happy, my mom rocks. She didn’t even tell me she was going to, what an awesome surprise!

Check it out!

well, I suppose this is only the packaging, but you get the point

well, I suppose this is only the packaging, but you get the point

This is exactly how it came-the needles all floating around in a ziploc, how funny

This is exactly how it came-the needles all floating around in a ziploc, how funny

All hooked up and ready to sew!

All hooked up and ready to sew!


She got me these probably a couple of weeks ago already, so I’m feeling pretty guilty for not using them yet. So, with a little helpful inspiration from my friend Ben over at Spider-Man Mashup Cosplay Costume who is getting his very first sewing machine in the mail  TOMORROW, I’ve decided that today is the freaking day. My baby is coming out of retirement and I’m going to learn how to use this bad-ass walking foot to my ever-growing advantage! (Rawr! I totally felt like I needed to rip my shirt off like the Hulk right then).


This blogging thing has already took up most of my morning; I have teeth to brush, chill’ren to satiate, and sewing to do!

Peace Out Homies :)


Where Is My Mind?

It’s disappeared, of that I’m pretty sure.
I’m not depressed, or even unhappy. In fact I’m madly in love with my guy and my wee ones.
So why do I feel so….absent?

Argh. I don’t freaking know.

I read this the other day…
“When things aren’t normal, do normal things.”

So that’s what I’m trying to do.


I’m Inspiring To Somebody. How Awesome Is THAT?

At a time when I’m feeling bogged down and my mind has seemed to go completely numb, I get smacked in the face with this:


very inspiring blogger


It was a GOOD smack in the face, please don’t misunderstand me :) I’m thinking this is awesome right? Right. This in turn, INSPIRES me to get out of my icky rut of the last couple weeks and wake back up. I needed this encouragement.

Thank you to my friend Diana over at Trying To Make Things Right for nominating me for such a great award. It’s an honor for real! Do me a favor and go check out her blog and see if you can figure out why I think she’s so great :)

Here are the rules for this award.

1.Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.

2.List the rules and display the award.

3.Share seven facts about yourself.

4.Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

5.Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you



Seven facts about me

1. I can never remember if the word ‘supposed’ as in “He was supposed to do it yesterday” has one or two p’s

2. Seeing the final Twilight movie saga finale Breaking Dawn tore me up inside for literally almost a week, both physically and mentally. I can’t really explain it, it sucked.

3. Almost every wall of my house is covered in my family’s artwork; graffitti murals, crayon drawings on huge paper, paintings, stories, banners, etc. I NEED it like that.

4. I think I draw super-great hearts <3

5. I love the color orange. And magenta, and gold, royal blue, turqouise, goldenrod yellow, fuschia, black. I love colors.

6. I feel compelled to learn about all of the religions and belief systems out there. It’s confusing.

7. 7 was my favorite number growing up. It was my favorite age of childhood, it’s also how old my middle child is. If I had a superpower, it would be to go back to 7 years old whenever I wanted. When I was 7, I found a little stick that was in the shape of a 7, I still have it.


After getting the notification about this nomination, I had to think a little bit about what it means to be inspiring. Then I got to thinking about what it is to even be inspired, what is inspiration? Where does it come from? How do we get it and what do we do with it?

The possible answers to that question are infinite, literally.

Everybody is inspired differently and for different things. We can be inspired to make a difference in the world or our community, we can be inspired to change ourselves or our outlook, we can be inspired to try a new hobby or get out of our normal comfort zones. The list goes on.

This award is a little more special to me for one reason- I never sought out to BE inspiring;  I started this blog to be INSPIRED. So the fact that in my quest to find inspiration for life, I have  in turn inspired somebody else is truly INSPIRING!! (sorry, I had to do it ).

On that note, blogs can inspire in many different ways. I thought about the different reasons I read each blog in my Reader each day.

What do they do for me? Why do I keep going back?

Each does something different, but every one of these blogs truly inspire my daily life; whether it be an amazing sewing or crochet project that makes me want to do the same thing, or a life lesson about friends and truly feeling a connection to someone out there, or finding the courage to go the freaking distance in ANY issue I might face.

There are so many awesome ways to be inspiring and to be inspired. It’s pretty cool, my brain over analyzed the crap out of it for a bit.


Here are 15 blogs that inspire me on a daily, in no certain order :)

1. OurWorldHeritage.Be

2. Contortum Designs

3. Mykul Mitch

4. Fuwa Fuwa

5. Afrsss

6. Purple Dragon Crafts

7. Mistress of The Hearth

8. Stitch Boom Bang!

9. I’d Rather Sew

10. Cannabis Patients Alliance

11. Fall From Grace Crafts

12. The Seamly Gamer

13. What’s Poppin?

14. Spider Man Mashup Cosplay Costume

15. Made By Pensuke


There you have it! Every single one of these blogs is amazing and super inspiring in their own way to me. Thank you awesome bloggers for doing what you do!

Go check them out and get some inspiration of your own. For real.

Thank you again Diana for being you :)

Peace out homies!



My Mind Is On Fire

Not in a good way.

I need to do a little free writing. Actually, I feel like it is more whining and freaking the eff out but, hey.

I’ve been avoiding my blog and all other sane, relaxed and good feelings the last few weeks, maybe more. I haven’t wanted to write a post about this because it’s not what I wanted my blog to be about, me and my feelings.

I don’t like feelings.

I am literally so stressed out of my mind that anxiety has taken over every corner of it and I feel like I’ve lost control. Panic attacks seem to be happening out of the blue again with more frequency.

And if it makes sense, I am having one right now as I type. I’m shaky with worry, guilt, fear, boredom, WONDERING about “what if”s” and uncertainty. It hurts and my brain can’t take it any more!

Now what?

Now what?

Now what?

Those words evoke a feeling of boring desperateness that I can’t shake. The only thing I can let myself accomplish regularly is the dishes; which normally would be a great thing (Yay! I formed a good habit!). But the real reason is that every morning I wait for the City Water truck to show up and shut my water off. So I’d better have the dishes done before they get here right?!

Paranoia has super set in and it sucks so bad. I keep telling myself, “it’s not the end of the world Lacy, chill the fuck out”, and it’s not the end of the world.

My mother lives a mile away, I have water stored in jugs everywhere, you know, it’s a hiccup.

So why am I so worried?

I’m embarrassed I think. The bitches that I deal with down at the city department treat me like I’m scum and that I CHOOSE not to pay my bills. WTF. I’m poor as fuck. I’m so sorry.

Additionally, my rental company already threatened me 8 months ago that they could evict me for it happening again, and now it is. So I’m scared I’m going to lose my home.

And of course, this fear comes just after the amazing relief I felt when just me and the Love decided to hold off on Colorado for a year to get better prepared…and to have this baby.

I was so happy! A million pounds lifted from my shoulders, the guilt of leaving my family, the fear of failing, the FACT OF NO MONEY!!!

Then BOOM!

The threat of eviction looming over my head.

They were supposed to disconnect the water on the 14th and didn’t but told me I had to call and set up a payment plan. I didn’t because I don’t have any money to plan to pay, and honestly I’m scared to talk to them.

So every weekday from 7:30 am until 4 pm for the last 3 WEEKS, I have been waiting for them.

Oh my gosh, this is ridiculous. I feel ridiculous.

Did I mention I hate feeling?

Anyways, there is a ton more going on that is weighing me down like never before and I’m miserable. How do I know I’m way stressed out?

I found my first grey hairs this week. 

3 of them; wiry and silver sticking out from my pompadour bangs. Only about an inch and a half long so I know they are new!

Woe is me!

I’m sorry for this post, it’s lame, but I think I had to do it to let go of some of this.




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